The Project

The Gateway District will transform the north entrance to campus in a profound way to drive student enrollment and economic benefit to Kansas. The project will develop a new campus gateway, multi-use space and upgraded football facilities, all of which will enhance KU’s ability to recruit and retain students.

The most innovative component of this project is the development of multi-use facilities to be used throughout the year to generate revenue for academic programming and student success. In addition to the conference center, and as suggested by the project consultant, the project will potentially include a mix of arts and entertainment, dining, retail, office space, lodging and other uses that support economic development and the university’s academic mission.

The transformational changes to the Anderson Family Football Complex and David Booth Kansas Memorial Stadium – one of the nation’s oldest football venues – will create a world-class experience for fans and student-athletes. Currently, the University of Kansas generates $192 million and 2,600 jobs for the Kansas economy, and the Gateway District will greatly enhance those figures in the future.

Phase 1 includes the recently completed weight room and locker room renovations to Anderson Family Football Complex, a complete new build of the southwest, west and north sides of David Booth Kansas Memorial Stadium, as well as the conference center on the north end. Future phases of the project will then focus on the south and east portions of the stadium as well as the entertainment, dining, retail and other potential aspects of the Gateway District.

Phase 1
Future Vision


Previous studies demonstrate a significant demand for a large-scale conference center on the KU Campus. Douglas County currently doesn’t have suitable and comparable event space, and the conference center and other multi-use facilities will fill a significant market need and serve as a major draw for out-of-town organizations and guests. This 55,000-gross-square-foot space will be particularly attractive to organizations that want to gather in such areas as cybersecurity, pharmaceutical development and engineering, a few of the university’s areas of strength. On football gamedays the area will be used to host fans in a wide array of activities and be available year-round for other events.

Full-Service Hosting, Event Planning and Conference Rentals

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Conference Center

Oak View Group – Elevating Venue Experience

The Oak View Group (OVG), a leader in global sports and entertainment, will be the stadium operator for the Gateway District and reimagined David Booth Kansas Memorial Stadium. In its new partnership with KU, Oak View Group will oversee the day-to-day operations of both the football stadium and conference center when Phase I of the Gateway District opens in August 2025. The group will lead the bookings of conference events, special events and concerts, while operating a membership-only dining club in one of the club levels of the stadium.

Douglas A. Girod

University of Kansas Chancellor

Words from our Chancellor

The gateway is a once-in-generation project to transform our campus and drive economic development throughout the region. Specifically, this project will create exciting new amenities for students, employees and visitors while providing Kansas Football the facilities it needs to compete at the highest level.

Economic Impact

  • Out-of-state Students make up


    of KU’s enrollment and


    of those students join the Kansas workforce after graduation.

  • 500,000

    Prospective students and guests visit KU each year who would utilize and view the new campus gateway as their first impression.

  • $192 Million & 2,600 Jobs

    is the annual benefit to Kansas from KU being in the Big 12 Conference.

  • Mixed-use development is projected to amount to

    $2.4 Billion

    In direct, indirect and induced spending and

    $1.4 Billion

    in direct, indirect and induced earnings while supporting

    720 Jobs.

  • State sales taxes are estimated at

    $100 Million

    over 30 years, and state personal income taxes are estimated at

    $48 Million

    over this period.

  • Construction of the mixed-use development will create an additional

    670 Temporary Jobs, $2.2 Million

    in state sales tax and

    $2.4 Million

    in state personal income tax.

  • The stadium is projected to generate nearly

    $2 Billion

    in direct, indirect and induced spending over 30 years. This spending is anticipated to generate

    $447 Million

    in direct, indirect and induced earnings over this time, supporting more than

    240 Jobs.

  • State sales tax is expected to equate to more than

    $80 Million


    $14 Million

    in state personal income tax over 30 years.

  • Construction of the enhanced stadium will also generate

    2,600 Temporary Jobs

    With Over

    $8 Million

    in estimated state sales tax and

    $9 Million

    in state personal income tax.

  • KU has partnered with Hunden Strategic Partners, a national firm with experience in large development projects, to do a feasibility study and forecast economic benefits of KU’s plan. Please note, the size and scope of mixed-use development may change due to further market analysis and developer interest.

    What they
    are saying

    The Gateway District will impact the entire Lawrence community and surrounding region, driving economic impact.

    • Bonnie Lowe

      The Chamber of Lawrence Kansas – President & CEO
      KU and Kansas Athletics are a huge driver of economic support for our entire community. Last fall, Lawrence was filled with enthusiasm and commerce on KU football weekends. KU’s Gateway Project presents many exciting opportunities for our region. The amenities will expand tourism, provide an exciting extension to our downtown and introduce our vibrant community to new and diverse audiences. As a Jayhawk fan, I look forward to the new upgrades that the Gateway Project will offer.
    • Kim Anspach

      Explore Lawrence – Executive Director
      This visionary development holds the potential to invigorate the local economy by attracting a diverse range of visitors and events to our city and strengthening our weekday room nights. The Gateway Project also fosters collaboration and strengthens the bond between the City of Lawrence and the vibrant campus community. The project paves the way for increased connection, knowledge exchange, and shared growth by serving as a gateway between the town and gown.